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Heavy Division News

Written by Yoshi

Posted: 2022/09/20

What's the news page for?

  • Important announcements.
  • Regular development updates.
  • Information about new features.
  • Developer insights.
  • Featured videos from Heavy Division or our partners.
  • Any exciting information we want to share.

We aim to keep the structures of each post similar so that you can easily find the information you are looking for or are interested in quickly.

Development Updates

We'll continue to provide updates about the B78XH and other projects in these posts.

Ideally in this type of post you would see a short changelog of what we have recently included into our production branches.

Developer Insights / Videos

The introduction of developer insights means that you will hear from the development team about projects they have started, currently working on, or have finished. Think of it as a behind the scenes peek for upcoming features. Not only will you be aware of things not available to the community, but you will also have an explanation from the author about what it is they are working on.

Featured Videos

Featured videos will include our latest uploads, or our partners to showcase new features or bring the latest news in a more engaging way.

General Information

This section will always be included in each post, and it will include links for our users to find us on our social media, information on where to get support, our known / reported issues, and a link to download the B78XH.

We're excited to grow and improve the project, and we hope you enjoy reading through them and learning more about what we offer.

Safe skies and happy flying!