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B78XH: Experimental Update - Soft Fork

Written by Eken, Yoshi

Posted: 2023/02/11


The Heavy Division Team is proud to announce the release of a new experimental version of our aircraft. This latest version sets itself apart from the default aircraft by incorporating a number of updates that are sure to enhance the user experience.

Soft Fork

Over the lifespan of MSFS several projects have performed what's known as a "fork" of their aircraft, where the codebase and assets become a separate entity from those of the default ones found in the simulator. This is what's known as a "hard fork".

In a similar fashion, we aim to distinguish the B78XH from the default 787-10 aircraft. Hence, we've come up with the solution of a "Soft Fork". A soft fork in simple terms, means that a user will still need the necessary premium deluxe dlc to see our aircraft, as the model assets belong to Asobo. However, they should now see our mod as a separate aircraft Image


A big thanks to SHRModding who's provided custom flight deck, GEnx engine, and APU sounds for the aircraft. We are aware of several bugs in the new sound pack, and are working to fix them over the coming months. We're hoping to receive some feedback on the sounds, which you can share on our discord in the experimental thread.


A big thank you to 라즈#3444 for painting the official Heavy Division B78XH Livery. Whilst the soft fork is in the experimental phase, this will be the only compatible livery. We plan to release a livery guide soon for creators to make their liveries compatible with our aircraft.

In addition to these technical updates, the team has also brought on a number of new people to help with the project. This includes developers, modellers, texturers, and even a few 787 type rated pilots. These new additions to the team will help to ensure that the new version is well-rounded and offers a wide range of capabilities to users.

We're is also proud to announce that we have an OpenCollective where people can donate to support the project. Donations are entirely optional and not expected. If you've already made a donation, please feel free to message a moderator or admin with your confirmation email to claim a donator role on our Discord.

Overall, the new experimental version of our aircraft is shaping up to be a game-changer, and the team is working hard to ensure that it is the best it can be. So be sure to check out the latest version and see for yourself what it has to offer!

Available on our downloads page